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CVT-101 / 2008 Pat Boone's Farm - "Garage * Dance * Loud"

Jangly 1960s-style garage pop driven by a big beat and electric 12 string guitar. This Columbia, Mo. band draws from Nesmeth-penned Monkees tunes, the better part of the Nuggets boxed set, and a general caveman/cavegirl approach to making what the title says, garage, dance, and loud. Think The Byrds meet Redd Kross. (7" Vinyl EP / Mono)

CVT-102 / 2008 Monte Carlos -
"Guilty of Moaning My Love"
The first Cavetone release by this Columbia, Mo. garage rock institution. Sleazy from start to finish, Monte Carlos' debut 7 inch has an A-side filled with all of the frustration and energy of adolescent sexuality manifested in a fuzzed-out rhythm binge. The B-side has a tremolo-soaked ride through the desert. (7" Vinyl EP / Mono)

CVT-103 / 2009 Monte Carlos -
"I Think You Know What I Mean"
The second seven inch by this sleazy Columbia, Mo. garage rock power trio picks up with their debut left off. This record features three variants on their mix of cheap rum and overactive libidos. The A-side combines Nevin's signature guttural mating cries with a Thin Lizzy-esque guitar attack. The B-side features a reverb-y surf instrumental and a catchy little rave up. (7" Vinyl EP / Mono)

CVT-104 / 2009 "Cavetone Records Monofesto
Vol. 1 -
Theme Songs"
A quad split where each band recorded a song about the same topic, theme songs. It features Monte Carlos churning out a clever Pretty Things-esque "Just Monte Carlos," Pat Boone's Farm reaching back into their history with a surfy 12 string song about "Kool-aid and turpentine," Left Arm chugging through a valuable spelling lesson in "l-e-f-t- a-r-m alright!" and The Animal Party perverting beloved cartoon characters in "Animal Party." Very different neat sounds from around the Midwest. (7" Vinyl Quad Split / Mono)

CVT-105 / 2010 Wild Cat Daddies - "Wham Bam!"
So many bands attempt the 50s/60s rock sound, but these guys absolutely nail it with absolute authenticity. This wild trio captured the essence from every 45-spinning juke box and put their double bass/Hollowbody Gibson/ tiny Ludwig kit to work on this yelping and howling masterpiece. Think if Eddie Cochran went on a third date with The Troggs. (7" Vinyl EP / Mono)

CVT-106 / 2010 Pat Boone's Farm & Blackbelts -
"1966" & "Satisfied"
The Pat Boone's Farm side has their signature jangly 12 string sound, a big beat, a lesson about the retro future (2025 computers come alive, 2026 computers turning tricks...), and the end of the night classic "A Lovely Place to Fall." Chicago's Blackbelts contribute two roots rockin' originals influenced by the joys of Chuck Berry, Pabst and Melody Makers. (7" Vinyl Split / Mono)

CVT-107 / 2012 The Ex-Bombers - "The Tightwire"
The debut album by this dirtbag spy jazz / beatnik punk duo from Charleston, Ill. Using only seedy vocals, an octaved 8-string bass, and drums, the pair filled this record with dark and catchy songs in the vein of the flippant sounds of early Velvet Underground/Sonic Youth with the style of Soft Cell/Girls Against Boys. The songs reflect the awkward years of adulthood when the hangovers last two days instead of one. This critically-acclaimed record is required listening for any Black Sabbath after party or in the powder room of the Warhol Factory. (Vinyl LP / Mono)

CVT-108 / 2013 Cedar Plank Salmon -
"Oh Baby"
An echo-y noise pop duo from Chicago, Ill. who pervert the essence of pop music. The A-side features a surfish romp in “Oh Baby (Rock In His Sock).” The hook infects for better and worse taken from the playbook of PiL or The Modern Lovers. The B-side demonstrates their indie jazz punk leanings reminiscent of Television, Sonic Youth, and The Talking Heads in the instrumental “Bedroom Grease Fire” and the eerily anthemic “Bikini Thirst.” (7" Vinyl EP / Mono)

CVT-109 / 2013 The Ex-Bombers & Malt Liquor -
"Kissing Hands, Shaking Babies" & "Gargle Boogie"
This split contains thee infamous anti-single "Kissing Hands, Shaking Babies" and the only studio recording in existence of the former Swampass trash rockers. The Ex-Bombers play their seedy beatnik pop on a seedy and seductive number that can never be played on the radio. Malt Liquor bashes/thuds/kerrangs out a boogie version of Jello Biafra fronting AC/DC. (7" Vinyl Anti-Single / Mono)

CVT-110 / 2014 The Down-fi - "Roadmaster / Why Me?"
Armed with the ethos of the 1970s proto-punk movement, where Craig Willis Bell provided bottom end and song composition for Rocket From the Tombs, this Indianapolis power trio is punk before standardization and rock and roll after adolescence. On this Double A-side, “Roadmaster” is the psychedelic punk that provides the soundtrack to an exploitation motorcycle movie (think Steppenwolf meets most of the New York Dolls) and “Why Me,” is a two-minute powerpop song with snarling desperation (think a mean Kinks and a meaner Cheap Trick). (7" Double A-side / Mono)

CVT-111 / 2015 The Ex-Bombers - "Five Star Night"
The maximum minimalism of this film noir pop duo permeates through the sultry rhythms and narcotic melodies on their second album. A logical departure and extension of their first album, "Five Star Night" combines the minimalism of seedy femme fatale jazz with the maximum hooks of 60s garage pop. The result is the soundtrack for nights filled with neon and espionage.
Two editions of the album exist. The Deluxe edition that comes with an insert and a bonus 7" and the Espionage Edition that is limited to 100 hand-stamped and individually-numbered copies. (Vinyl LP / Mono)

CVT-112 / 2015 The Tim Blys -
"Dead Horse Town"
Three years in the making, the record encapsulates the corn-induced frustrations of a central Illinois trio of punk rockers who watched far too many cartoons in their youth. The record contains the raw enthusiasm of punk with the overwrought alt rock on the threshold of adulthood. The 7” will strike a chord with fans of The Replacements, Lookout! bands, and the Alkaline Trio family. (7" Vinyl EP / Mono)

CVT-113 / 2016 Apathy Wizards - "Real Live Human Beings"
This wandering gypsy folk punk outfit from Murfreesboro, Tenn. combines an assemblage of bizarre acoustic instruments with all of the energy and panache of traveling medicine show. Released in early 2016, this album is a true live album recorded directly to tape. It features six epic tracks of catchy folk punk driven by a frantic mandolin and guitar, stomp/clap percussion, walking bass, auxiliary melodic madness, and a very rowdy audience. The songs have huge hooks, mega choruses, and driving rhythms. The result is a wild version of Man Man, Gogol Bordello, or Andrew Jackson Jihad, unplugged and uncensored. (Vinyl LP / Mono) PDF
CVT-114-L / 2017 Bowling Alone - "Long Distance" This post-rock space fusion offering burns with an understated intensity and a pensive introspection that the math club kids would appreciate. It carefully layers drum machines and full-frequency bass to provide the soundtrack of optimistic space exploration. Think a hazy sketch of the pre-grunge alternative movement cut live to 1/4” half track. The "L" designation means lathe-cut, lo-fi, and limited run to only 40 copies! (7" Vinyl Single / Mono / Hand-screened art).  
CVT-115-S / 2018 Sasquatch Turf War -
"Sasqautch Turf War"
The debut LP from Chicago's finest speedball of heavy metal / alternative / grunge / glorious stoner nonsense. Like mad scientists in a 16mm horror film, this trio has created a monster with the genetics of Black Sabbath, Kyuss, and the whole Sub Pop back catalogue. Recorded at Electrical Audio, this record ventures through through a twisted world of demonic and seismic sounds. Think a Led Zeppelin instrumental breakdown gone mad. It is sludge-y, it is down-tuned, it is fuzzed-out and it is magnificent. Rare stereo offering! (Vinyl LP / Stereo)  
CVT-116 / 2018 "Cavetone Records Monofesto
Vol. 2 - Halloween Songs"
Volume two of our quad split series features four bands conjuring dark and catchy original Halloween songs (in 2:05 or less). The Ex-Bombers demonstrate their villain-y through darkwave powerpop, Bowling Alone summons a dark swell of shoegaze, Apathy Wizards belt out a raucous and cursed sea chantey, and Shaded Sound smashes out a Krautrock / post-punk mad science experiment. Wild and original sounds from the Midwest ranging from The 13th Floor Elevators to Kraftwerk all about fall's greatest day. (7'' Vinyl Quad Split / Mono)  
CVT-117-S / 2019 Vortis -
"This Machine Kills Fascists"
This quintessential Chicago punk rock LP features 16 raw tracks stripped down to the bare essentials of big hooks, big throaty guitars, and messages that tackle big issues. This infamous trio pairs the sonic elements of Naked Raygun, Dwarves, and all the good stuff from SST with a set of firebrand lyrics on a rickety train track toward oblivion. No coasts or frills were required to craft this album of second wave punk rock urgency, just big riffs and inciting messages from a hardscrabble city. Full-color jackets w/pic sleeve. (Vinyl LP / Stereo)  
CVT-118 / 2021 Front cover of The Ex-Bombers "New Love Is Easy" LP. The Ex-Bombers - "New Love Is Easy" The third long player from this sinister psychedelic blues duo is wonderfully alive, sonically intoxicating, and wickedly clever as it rides the rays of a phoenix rising up to let the world know its heart still beats. Think Grace Slick and Lou Reed took over The Doors, add the verve of first-wave garage psych (ex: Music Machine, Chocolate Watchband, Shadows of Knight), and stir in some of the most imaginative songwriting ever committed to wax. Primal pop hooks, toe-tappers, a blues-meets-garage-meets-jazz dual vocal attack, and a slightlydelic state of mind make this disc an immersive experience that is both timely and timeless. (Vinyl LP / Mono)
CVT-119 / 2022 Patir Filius - "Patir Filius" This haunting folk blues father/son duo from Chicago are a pair of songsmiths engaged in a battle with life armed with only acoustic guitars, upright bass, poignant lyrics, and the occasional burst of electricity. Their debut album (and an album in the truest sense) introduces the listener to their twisted and beautiful world of haunting folk, jump blues, and roots-y pop with swirling textures of sound from the polished and lush to the raw and jagged. (Vinyl LP / Mono)
CVT-120 / 2022 Vortis - "The Miasmic Years" The eighth album by this infamous agitainment trio from Chicago is an outpouring of anarchic rock 'n roll that only a band of two decades could conjure. Ripping guitars, throbbing bass, clobbering drums, a smattering of Moog, and lyrics that could spark a riot. Rooted in Wire and Black Flag, this album digests the moment and spits it back in savage and catchy bursts of song; the way that great punk rock should be. (Vinyl LP / Mono)