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Cedar Plank Salmon

Cedar Plank Salmon is an echo-y noise pop duo from Chicago, IL. Their sounds result from the mostly platonic musical marriage beTop of the Roctween grade school chums Tim Gurnig (talk-singer/guitars) and Sam Svita (singer-singer/drums without hi-hats). Over the past decade, the pair's musical growing pains have matched those of adolescence. Fortunately the awkward moments resulted in increasingly interesting record collections.

Tim and Sam left the city together, and, like a kung fu movie in reverse, went on adventure in the small college town/big music scene of Charleston, IL. This maturation process pushed the pair to mesh the 1970s NYC art rock scene with a wandering and reverberated punk aesthetic.

The pair make a surprising amount of noise. They pervert the essence of pop music as demonstrated by their debut 7 inch record. The A-side features a surfish romp in “Oh Baby (Rock In His Sock).” The hook infects for better and worse taken from the playbook of PiL or The Modern Lovers. The B-side demonstrates their indie jazz punk leanings reminiscent of Television, Sonic Youth, and The Talking Heads in the instrumental “Bedroom Grease Fire” and the eerily anthemic “Bikini Thirst.”

They are currently playing dates around the Midwest and randomly meeting people in support of this 7 inch record. For booking, press, rights, merchandise, and general correspondence, please contact

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